Meet The Team

The Three Bridges Team

Our specialist and experienced team comprise of teachers, therapists, teaching assistants and support staff who work together to provide inspirational and outstanding education to all learners at our school.  Whatever their needs, learners are supported academically and pastorally, in areas such as independence, self-esteem, resilience and communication. This ensures they able to engage and enjoy their education. All staff who work with learners receive training in areas such as safeguarding, PREVENT and mental health, as well as other specialised training.

Leadership and Non-Teaching Staff

Our dedicated Senior Leadership Team oversees the running of the school, staff management, school curriculum and safeguarding.

Lisa Smith

Principal. DDSL

Louise Symons

Assistant Principal. DSL

Emma Carlyon

Assistant Principal. DDSL

Liana Bray

School Finance and Business Administrator


Our teachers teach a range of Key Stages and both academic and vocational subjects. They also include teachers of specialist subjects.

Mia Stewart-Ashley

Teacher / EDI Lead

Laura Sanders

Teacher / Designated Teacher (CiC)

Ben Thorpe


Teaching Assistants

Our teaching assistants provide additional support, guidance and understanding to learners where needed.

Selina Ramble

Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Parent Care Lead

Carrie Hodge

Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Mental Health and Well-Being Lead

Michelle Hawley

Higher Level Teaching Assistant and ICT Lead

Murray Nelson

Workshop and Site Technician and Health and Safety Lead

Learning Support

Our learning support team provide additional support, guidance and understanding to learners where needed.

Laura Burgess

Learning Support Assistant

Sam Collett

Learning Support Assistant

Nicola Cook

Learning Support Assistant

Rosie Hall

Learning Support Assistant

Emma Humphrey

Learning Support Assistant

Dominic Roberts

Learning Support Assistant

Hannah Spears

Learning Support Assistant

Sarah Turvey

Learning Support Assistant

Paula Whitehead

Learning Support Assistant

Clare White

Learning Support Assistants

Laura Webster

Learning Support Assistants

Lucy Rose

Learning Support Assistants

Paul Chadbund

Learning Support Assistants

Jodie Darlington

Learning Support Assistants

Administration and Catering

Melrose Education Representatives

Henrietta Jordan

Schools’ Director

Tracey Storey

Executive Chair & CEO and Proprietor Chair

Mike Burton

Operations Director

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