The School Day and Term Dates

The School Day

The school opens at 9:00am and our day begins with transitions from transport to learning. Our school day ends at 3:00pm.

Our curriculum is bespoke to each learner so transition times, lessons and breaks may look different for each individual.

We conduct educational visits where our learners can discover more about their local environment, communities and history. Again, our educational visits are structured wholly around the learner, and their curriculum.

Snack and lunch times are structured and supervised, with a focus on healthy eating and independence. Learners are encouraged to socialise with other learners . Break and meal times are seen as important learning moments to develop social and other skills.

Food at Three Bridges School

Each week, learners are provided with a visual menu to support them in making their own food choices for the week. A hot meal option is offered each day, but if the learner prefers, they are able to select alternatives e.g., wraps and sandwiches.

We pay particular attention to a balanced and healthy diet, using fresh ingredients wherever possible, we even grow some of our own vegetables in our onsite polytunnel. We are able to accommodate specific dietary needs such as allergies and cultural requirements.

At Three Bridges Education we learn all about food! We learn where food comes from, how to grow it and what we need to put into our bodies to help us to be as healthy as possible. We also learn about how food impacts on our planet and the importance of being responsible, for example not wasting food.

We grow some of our own food, we shop carefully and learn how to budget for healthy, nutritionally balanced meals, we learn to cook delicious healthy meals and enjoy eating meals together.


We do not have a uniform at Three Bridges School. Our young people wear clothing which is comfortable for them. However, we do ask that what they wear is sensible and we remind parents and carers that the young people often learn outdoors and may get muddy!

Term Dates

Our term dates for the current academic year can be downloaded for future reference by clicking below.