What our Parents, Carers and Professional
Partners Say About Three Bridges School

We are proud to share some of the feedback we have received from members of our school community.

“Our daughter began her placement at Three Bridges last September. The support she has received has been incredible. The staff have devoted so much time and energy into settling her in, after a traumatic time in her previous mainstream setting. The timetable is tailored around her individual needs and she has formed good relationships with those on her team. As parents we are also so well supported and are so grateful that our daughter has a place at this wonderful school.”


“The school offers my son a calm and safe environment where he can express and be himself. I feel the staff working with him know him well and how best to meet his needs.”


“We feel Three Bridges is perfect for our son. A is always asking for school. We know he’s safe and cared for when he’s there. He is treated as an individual and the outdoor space is what he loves. The sign of a good day is when he comes home covered in mud and clutching homemade bakes he’s made that he is reluctant to share!”

Julie and Ryan

“We cannot commend Three Bridges enough; our son has come out of his shell and has started to learn due to the skills and patience of the staff.”


“The whole team go above and beyond.”

“The whole team go above and beyond.”

“After years and years of changing schools, daily meetings, regular meltdowns and constant anxiety, it was so refreshing when we got a place at Three Bridges. Three years later and it’s like we have a different son. The entire team have a high understanding of autism and create an environment which enables all students to thrive and reach their individual potential. It has been a pleasure working alongside them in nurturing our son.”


“Three Bridges is not a school it is a family. The students are at the centre and their well-being is paramount. Young people can thrive. There is simply no other place like it.”

Lisa and Cary

“I would just like to say ‘wow’ what a school! Idyllic setting, kind and understanding staff who support all the family. For a young person who had not managed to attend school for over three years and now gets up happy and is waiting to go, I just want to say well done and thank you.”

Tina and Rob