Melrose Education Launches Wellbeing Strategy in all its Schools

This month saw the launch of Melrose Education’s new ‘Wellbeing Strategy’. Staff wellbeing is of the utmost importance to the Company, as they know their staff need to be happy and healthy in order to best support learners.

The ‘Wellbeing Strategy’ is the culmination of months of work including the previously launched Headspace app for staff and a wellbeing fund to group employees, which means staff can access annual support to assist with studying, learning a new skill or hobby, and supporting their well-being or personal development. Last year, Melrose also implemented Mental Health First Aid training for their Senior Management teams.

The ‘Wellbeing Strategy’ includes the appointment of a Wellbeing Champion in every Melrose Education school, who will also be trained in Mental Health First Aid, and who will be responsible for wellbeing policies and activities. To support implementation of the strategy, Melrose also undertook a company-wide wellbeing survey to seek feedback from their staff about how they can best support them.